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IBDC Study Accession: INRP000002                                                                                INDA Logo

INSDC Accession: PRJEB45633 (EMBL-ENA, NCBI-Genbank)

Data Size (No of Bases): 62,307,034 million bases

Centre Name: University of Delhi South Campus

Submitter Name: Indian Biological Data Centre

Submission Details
Title: Drought responsive miRNome of rice
Description: Here we present the characterization of miRNome of Oryza sativa L. subsp.
Indica var. Pusa Basmati 1, indica rice cultivar grown under natural as well as field drought
conditions. The drought stress was administered at heading stage of the development and
flag leaves were harvested. The small RNA cDNA libraries were generated and sequenced on
illumina platform. The raw high-quality reads were trimmed to remove the adapter and
analysed using in-house generated pipeline to obtain the expression levels of miRNAs.