About us

Indian Biological Data Center (IBDC) is an effort by the Government of India for the purpose of deposition, storage, annotation and sharing of biological data. IBDC is mandated to archive  all publicly funded life science data generated at national level.

Data Portal

The covid portal of IBDC provides services for submission of Covid19 nucleotide sequences as well as to perform data analysis for identification and annotation of covid19 sequence variants including phylogenetic analysis. IBDC will provide INSDC (International Nucleotide Sequence Data Consortium) accession numbers for the submitted Covid19 sequence data.   

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About INDA

Indian Nucleotide Data Archive (INDA) shall archive nucleotide sequence data generated from publicly funded research projects in India and provide internationally accepted (INSDC) data accession numbers. A user-friendly portal is being developed for submission of various kinds of nucleotide sequence datasets.

Structure biology data, India ( SBDi)

Structure Biology Database, India (SBDi) is being developed to submit biomolecule structure data generated by publicly funded research projects in India. The structure database mainly constitutes of co-ordinate data generated from x-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy and cryo-electronmicroscpy.

Partnering Institutions